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We'll Take Anything, Spouse & Kids Extra!

We’re fast, efficient and experienced in total junk removal, waste management and recycling services.

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Any waste that is liquid, or any waste that is, or contains, radioactive, volatile, corrosive, highly flammable, explosive, biomedical, biohazardous, infectious, toxic, and/or any hazardous wastes or substances (“Prohibited Waste”) into roll-off containers. Prohibited Waste includes, but is not limited to, tires, paint, batteries, paint cans, ashes, oil, vehicle parts, sewage sludge, etc. 

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JUNK IT LLC is a waste management service for all of South Florida. We’re a small company dedicated to answering all your questions as to what size you will need or what you can or can’t throw into your container for your home or business. Dumpster rental periods range from 1 day to up to 7 days. We provide affordable Roll Off dumpster rental rates for yard waste, construction, concrete, shingles, roofing, dirt, brush, yard waste and moving.


We want to make ordering your roll off dumpster as easy as possible. With one call we call tell you everything you need to know about ordering a dumpster for your residence or your business.  We are happy to answer all of your questions and help you to figure out what dumpster size you may need to rent. Order your dumpster online

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Simplify cleanup during any job with a roll off dumpster in your driveway, whether you’re remodeling a rental property for vacationers or getting rid of junk to downsize to a condo. Just swing open the container door to safely load heavy and large items like bed frames, then toss lighter materials like cardboard boxes over the walls. Skip the wait for bulk trash pickup day. Call today for junk removal solutions that fit your timeline.

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4 months ago
All elements of my 50 year old kitchen were downloaded onto my carport. At the recommendation of my cabinet maker, Bob Trifletti, I called “Q” at Junk It. He was so kind and asked me to send him some photos of our things. He responded quickly and offered to come over that very day.
I had to leave for a series of appointments. Upon my return all of the things were picked up and the area swept clean! The rice was so very fair! This means so much to me, as I am a widow on a fixed income. May God return the blessing to Q, his family and the business!
Thanks so much!


5 months ago
I would just like to say I have never met a more professional person who is so excited to do his job he was able to pull stuff out of my house that have been there for over 25 years and stack it and get it all out in one trip very impressed and besides that all of him all of his workers and himself were amazing very talkative very friendly and very comforting knowing that just in and out they know it's hard I lived in my house for 25 years so they're in my wishes for life they are just a great group of people. If you need things moved you better call them.

Jim Ricer

3 weeks ago
I am so glad and thankful that Q helped me with removing the stuff from our home. His patience and professional approach made the whole process smooth and stress free 👍 once again thank you for the hard work

Tony Agulansky

a year ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
They came on time and did a great job.
Extremely polite with a great attitude
Use this service and I promise you will not be let down. Quadarias is a very polite young man.

Richard Franks